Vastu Tips for Cellphone Store

By Kalpesh Joshi
A cellphone is the most essential gadget in the world now a days, whether it is for personal use, or professional. Most people associate owning the latest cellphone with a high social status. At the same time, cellphone companies every now and then introduce new models with fancy features. Most of us cannot live without a cellphone, now it is no longer a way of communication, but is more about lifestyle. With modern technology, a cell phone can online shop, involve you in social media, pay touchless at the store, order food, track fitness statistics and allow you to remotely bank. All of these features attract individuals so much that one is always looking for the best phone which can satisfy their daily demands. Vastu has an important role to play as 2 major elements are associated with cell phones: air and fire.
Owning or leasing a Cellphone store is always a good idea in this high-tech world. But with lots of competition, and constantly updating products, you need to be at the top of the line. Vastu tips can make you a better business owner as well as more productive. When selecting a new store, keep in mind the direction the store facing. This is crucial when you are buying a new premise or renting it. Facing East is the most desirable direction. Also keep in mind the way the customer enters and exits, as that also makes lots of difference. Generally, the commercial premises code of conduct is very strict, so we can still achieve Vastu compliance without any major structural changes.
Most of the time, the South-East direction is good for a cellphone store, but that depends on what choices you have. If you have an existing shop, then we can work with interior designing, and see what can be done for Vastu compliance. Color plays a role too, so try to have fire colors which will be favorable for the type of business we are in. Windows that are in the front will attract the customer’s attention. Once a customer enters the store, their first point of contact should be on the left side, so that movement of customers happens with positive energy. Main display in the North side are advisable and this area can be used for marketing or upselling products and services. Square shaped tables for negotiating deals are recommended.
Storage of devices and accessories should be in the West side of the store. Everything down to the uniform colors for sales associates matters. The payment counter(s) can be in the South direction. These are basic things that can help you to increase the productivities of your employee and efficiency to handles customers. This is a luxury and lifestyle business, so customer satisfaction is very important. That ensure that you will sustain customers as well as increase the customer base. In this competitive world, we need to be mindful for customer happiness and remember that one happy customer can get you more clients to your door step. You can achieve your dreams by following Vastu norms which are easy as well as doable.

Ask the Expert
Ask our expert your unanswered questions related to Vastu Shastra.

Q: Is having a staircase in front of the main door good? Sheekha, Iselin NJ

A: Generally, this is not advisable, but it depends on many factors, like the direction of the house, which way the staircase is going up, whether it is round or straight etc. So, once we evaluate that, then we can create compliance without any structural changes.

Q: Can my business have multiple entrances? Hiren, Edmonton AB

A: Yes, it is always good to have 2 entrances. This depends upon the direction of store as well as the type of business you run. One door can be used as the customer entry and another door can be used as the exit. This way, it helps natural energy to flow to the right direction.

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