Vastu Tips for Car Dealerships

Your lifestyle is key in the personal, professional or corporate world. When we think of luxury, one of the most popular things that comes to mind is a car. An automobile is not just a mode of transportation, but now a days, is a status symbol. It depends upon the nature of work, but usually a driving a luxurious car can be one of the most eye-catching things to do. It is not uncommon for employees or business owners to travel for work or drive to their client’s house. Expensive vehicles are the most surefire way to establish high social status. These days, environmentally friendly cars such as electrical and hybrid are also available in the market. Now we can see how Vastu can help to make car dealers more productive and progressive.

In most cases, car dealerships are brand owned or franchisee model businesses where implementing Vastu norms can become challenging due to preset guidelines by the company. However, there are still ways to improve the Vastu of your workplace when consulted by an experienced Vastu firm. Redesigning or rearranging a Car Shop is not that difficult, as vehicles are always movable and can be placed in specific directions according to Vastu needs. The dealership entrance should be facing the South-East, as that is the fire corner which helps run automobile business.

Once the location is finalized, we can work on the interior of the shop accordingly. The East is the ideal location for a front desk or reception area, where the customer can sit. The waiting area should be clean and some water features should be available. The sales team is a very important department where each member of the sales personnel is planning sell cars with additional services as well as upgrades. The West is an appropriate area for sales representatives were he or she can discuss with clients. By facing in a specific manner, sales associates can be aided in closing deals faster according to Vastu Shastra. Small detailing and basic knowledge of Vastu can make you more productive as well as give satisfaction to more of your clients. So, always remember if you want to be different from other dealerships, then you need to implement Vastu principles at your shop.

The showroom is the most visible and attractive part of a dealership. This needs to be perfect, according to brand as well from Vastu aspects. First and foremost, choose the East side to have a larger glass display where you can place your car in a certain way. Secondly, each day should have a different colored vehicle on display, which will also help in sales growth. The movement of vehicles going in and going out once they are sold also matter, so we have to design specific entry and exit points. Last but not least, the service center where all vehicles are checked and repaired should be in the South; this will help keep your car running smoothly. In a nutshell each and every change will bring positive change to your dealership and will lead to the growth of your business. Also, it provides customer satisfaction and their faith in you, which will make sure the next car they buy will also be from this dealership.

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Ask the Expert
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Q: Can the study room be in the basement according to Vastu Shastra? Sarika, Tempe AZ

A: Generally, a study room at a main level or upper level is better where you have sunlight during the day. The East is the most appropriate direction to have it, if that is possible according to availability of space at your home.

Q: Any Vastu tips for the business growth of a flower shop? Angela, New York, NY

A: A flower is one of the most beautiful creations of nature, and to preserve it, you need to maintain a specific temperature. The most appropriate corner for the storage of flowers is the North-East corner. The best spot to display them is the North-West corner, which will increase your sales and business growth.

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