Vastu Tips for Beauty Salon

We constantly try to look our best, whether we are going to work or a picnic with the family. No matter your gender or age, you always want to look good which helps you feel good. One popular grooming location is the beauty salon. To ensure complete satisfaction at the salon, some Vastu principles or tips will help. Whether you own or rent your space, following Vastu norms can lead drastic change. Happiness brings satisfaction to customers and prosperity to the owner or operator.
Finding the right location is a challenge, but can make quite a difference. The East is good direction for business which can bring financial stability. However, if the location is not favorable, we can still manipulate the interior aspect to reach our goal of Vastu compliance. Small details such as the color combination and furniture matter. They can improve the productivity of employees. Always take professional advice to plan things ahead of time so you can address all possible issues before they even happen. Vastu is the ancient Indian science which helps to create a positive environment.
In some situations, the salons are franchisees; in that case, Vastu Vision will follow franchise standards while still working towards Vastu compliance from all areas possible. Mirror placement is an under emphasized aspect. The mirror should be the on East wall if possible. The customer waiting area and any displays should be on North or North-West side. It is always positive to keep artistic pieces around the establishment.
A large window and poster at the front are advisable for marketing purposes. Keep a dress code for the employees consisting of light colors. Frequent floor cleaning is great for business. Follow Vastu norms for better customer service, as each client is looking to be treated excellently. So, set their standards so high that every customer comes back to your beauty salon without fail.

Kalpesh Joshi.
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Q: Can we have a water purifier in the kitchen area? Sarita, Atlanta, GA
A: Yes, since that is not the only water source in home, so you can keep it in Kitchen area.

Q: Studying in bedroom has any adverse effect from Vastu aspects.? Ankit, Dallas, TX
A: It’s always better to have separate study room so you can concentrate better, but yes if you need to study in your bedroom you can as long as you face East while studying.

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