Vastu Shastra & Relationship

By Kalpesh Joshi
Lately the word “Vastu” has generated much interest in people throughout the world. With this, several questions have raised in minds of people. What is “Vastu” exactly? Does it really affect us & if yes – how? Where & how can it be used for our benefit/such and many other queries lies unsolved in the mind of everyone. The answer to all these questions that thousands of years back in history this fantastic science known as “Vastu Shilp Science” for the purpose of better town planning – on which it has a deep effect. “Vastu Shilp Science” is considered as one of the famous 64 ancient arts of India. It is a science which deals mainly with the architecture & interior designing & it has been formulated with the help of principles of Astrology & wisdom of great saints. After a periodic study of Vastu Shastra by Indian & Foreign architects it has become evident that Vastu Shastra plays a major role in construction of HOME, a place which would prove beneficial to its occupant in terms of health, wealth & peace of mind.
Thus architecture builds a home while Vastu Shastra makes it a “Happy Home.” As we know we may achieve all the luxuries and all the artificial happiness around, but he will remain incomplete till he can achieve the inner bliss. This inner bliss can only be achieved by proper balance of the “Panch Mahabhut” or five basic element viz. Air, Water, Fire, Earth & Sky. And this balance is maintained by adding the rules of Vastu Shastra.
Whereas every woman tries to make her home a “Happy Home” at the same time, she also likes to go out & socialize with her fellow human binges but she is more conscious about her relationship. How Vastu helps to make relationship better. Generally everyone has complain about their relationship with spouse or life partner and one thing woman does not negotiate is their relations and she always give important to that in any situation. Generally Vastu says peace of mind and happiness can be achieved by following Vastu norms. We always find that I have deference of opinion with my husband or my kids does not listen to me. This kind of thing has something to do with your house where you live.
Mainly your kitchen, as per Vastu Shastra you suppose to have your kitchen in South East corner which is Fire corner so we should have fire element in fire corner that is kitchen and it should be in South East corner, but with some reason your kitchen not in South East corner and you have it in North East corner which is water corner. In this kind of situation you will have more problems with your relationship with spouse and other family member in home. Because you have placed fire in water corner and since both are natural enemy so you will have arguments with other family member at home. To avoid these kind of situation try to follow Vastu norms. For best result and maintaining good relationship you should have your main door opens in clockwise direction (which is right hand side inside) Keep water fountain in North East corner and have fire place or kitchen in South East. Make sure your bedroom door also opens in clockwise manner and no mirror in front of bed where you can see you face. Improve your relations naturally and get best out of your life.
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