Vastu Shastra on hotels, motels & restaurants

By Kalpesh Joshi
Vastu influences on commercial premises as well; we know man may achieve all the luxuries and all the artificial happiness around, but he will remain incomplete till he can achieve the inner bliss. This inner bliss can only be achieved by proper balance of the “Panch Mahabhut” or five basic elements viz. Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky. And this balance is maintained by adding the rules of Vastu Shastra.
Whereas man tries to make his home a “Happy Home” at the same time, he also likes to go out and socialize with his fellow human binges. Today’s man does not confine himself to his home but also moves outside and also asks for bliss outside his home also and so the balance of the five elements has to maintained even at his office, business place, factory, at places like Hotel, restaurants etc. Because basically man’s purpose to go or such places is only to get happiness. This is where Vastu Shastra finds its importance in Hotels, restaurants and all other places of socializing.
Today’s man travel a lot and so this has resulted in great upraise of Hotel industry. While the growing sophistication and competition has brought forward the importance of decor. It can be at timer, the most important factor to make the place successful. Decor not make the place successful. Decor not only relate to the furnishing but also includes uniforms, food presentation menus, forms, stationary etc. Vastu Shastra can helping proper selections of all these factors taking into consideration certain element, colors, directions, spaces etc. For example – the main entrance and fronts play the biggest role in large hotels, so these are the places which should be given the highest importance. According to Vastu Shastra the main entrance should face East or North direction to get the maximum advantage. This also gives the maximum sunlight to activate and highlight the whole space. Similarly, the food storage as “Vayavya” so as to keep the vegetables and other food stock fresh. Water tank should be placed in North East direction.
Thus, Vastu Shastra is not just out of religions entity but is an art with scientific basis. All elements are created by God but by proper use of this elements we can have the maximum advantage of it. A razor can cut unwanted hairs and give a new look to your face and it can also cut a vein and cause unwanted bleeding. It all depends upon your way of using it.
In Hotels, the location of swimming pool, garden, restaurant, banquet halls, rooms etc. Can also be worked in accordance with Vastu Shastra to give the best result to the owners as well as the dwellers. Vastu Shastra has important rules for colors also. Uniforms, furniture, lighting and walls could be designed accordingly.
The popular belief that only the Indians, being superstitions – in such whims is profoundly incorrect. VastuShastra is an internationally science popular in different countries with different names like Feng Shui, wood land etc. Also it is not correct that Vastu Shastra means changing of the entire set up. It can also be neutralize the adverse effects by providing solution and without causing much changes in the whole set up.
With an eye on Vastu Shastra while designing elements for Hotel, fame and name will shine upon the place.
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