Vastu Shastra for Yoga Studio

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. The only natural and spiritual way to shape your body, mind and soul is called Yoga. Now a days everyone does Yoga,with many people practicing Yoga professionally.Although once we decide to join a Yoga studio, we shop around and find out which one will be right for us. At the same time, a Yoga instructor or Yoga studio owner is looking to make their living better by getting an appropriate location and studio which attracts more clients. In this situation, Vastu Shastra is the best science of Indian Architecture can help you to find right place and right set up. This can bring Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.

Let’s see how Vastu Shastra can play an important role which helps in growing a business as well as a client’s satisfaction. It is simple and easy to design a Yoga studio because you don’t need lots of structure, mainly you need an open space which you can work around.At the same time, Yoga is connected with the five elements of universe and fitting all principles of each element at our premises is challenging. But yes, if you make the required changes, then it will help you draw a client’s attention and their inner happiness. Don’t forget each and every one coming to your studio is either in stress or needs peace of mind. In any case we should create a Yoga studio design in such a way that its win win situation for us and them.

Firstly, choose the East direction for main entry, which can bring brightness and prosperity. Secondly, the interior of the main hall should have light colors, which can bring clients peace of mind. Have some water elements that exemplify a natural soothing flow in the studio. Happiness is key and to bring them to inner happiness is very important. To have inner happiness, your structure or premises has to be Vastu compliant. Planning with Vastu principles can help you reach your goals. Meditation is a state of mind which can bring happiness, and happiness is the key of health and success.Your thought process becomes positive and so your physical body supports more. Each individual is stressed; and looking for peace of mind and through Yoga. So, make Yoga a better place by following Vastu norms to bring happiness and harmony among everyone.

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Q: Is Vastu necessary for a Home or Business? Swati, Winnipeg MB

A: Vastu Shastra is not necessary or compulsory, but it is important. If you want Peace at home and prosperity in a business,you should follow at least the basic norms of Vastu Shastra. Vastu is just one more step that increases your chances of success

Q: I heard a Glass dining table is not advisable? Vikas, Tampa AZ

A: Yes, glass top dining tables are not advisable as glass does not resist energy. While eating meals, you generate energy and that energy is drained to the earth due to gravitational force. If you have a wooden top dining table, it will help to store positive energy while eating meal. The sole purpose of a dining table is to have satisfaction at end of your lunch or dinner.

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