Vastu Shastra for Wellness

In this modern world, we always hear that I don’t believe in Vastu, or I don’t follow Vastu or someone will say I don’t know what Vastu is. The majority of our social community wants to be different than others and they don’t want to look like they are old-fashioned so they deny their connection with Indian culture. Vastu Shastra is called Indian Architecture and it’s being implemented for the harmony and well-being of the occupant. I don’t see why one has to be defensive about it or ignorant. We have got one life. Vastu will help you to bring wellness and happiness among family members who live under one roof.
Vastu helps one to bring wellness to the home as it is called Vastu Shilp shastra among the 64 Indian arts. So, let us make the most of it and be prosperous in life. The human body feels most comfortable when the five elements of the universe are balanced. As we know, our body is also made out of five elements of the universe. That is why we should bring more natural environments around us as it will bring more wellness & harmony. That is your duty as a responsible family member. In most cases, our houses are already constructed and it is hard to make any structural changes. However, this is where you need to consult a Vastu expert and with their expertise, you can make little changes and get more benefit.
An existing home can be made Vastu compliant by rearranging furniture in the right direction. Mostly kids study at home sitting in different places, sometimes on the dining table, or TV room, bedroom, living room or basement. How Vastu can help in this situation? well, the answer is simple. Vastu Shastra is based on direction and as long as you follow the right direction, you get that energy flow and your grasping power or concentration will be more if you face the right direction. So, we have to get the right advice and educate our kids to follow and behave in that manner which will be helpful to them. Generally, the East is the most appropriate direction for study, so in the situation that your child likes to study on a dining table, make them face the East direction we all have dining table chairs in all four directions, so I don’t see any issue following this.
Small things we start following at our home or workplace will bring wellness. What is wellness? it is synchronizing the mind, body and soul. That helps you to be positive, active and focused, which helps us in our personal or professional life. So to be on top of everything, you need to have your mental health and physical health on track. What can support your mental health is your surroundings which is your routine. Your routine should be perfect to be a healthy person. Try to follow little Vastu things and make your life loveable, so you love others and others also love you.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

Ask the Expert
Ask our expert your unanswered questions related to Vastu Shastra.

Q: Is a washroom in the North-West corner is advisable? Varun, Minneapolis MN
A: Yes, the North-West is the air corner and it keeps things fresh. But make this area a light colour.

Q: I wanted to do a vegetable farming business, what is a better direction to grown? Kalpana, Orangeville ON
A: I like your thought and idea also. I see your farm map and it looks good. There is no construction involved, but still, Vastu can be followed. We can have water in the water corner by putting a borewell or water tank or pond. That way you are following nature’s norms.

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