Vastu Shastra for Store

Owning a business is a good decision in life, but running one successfully is a challenge. We have to make informed decisions when we think about our skills, finance and the type of business we want. Sometimes, we forget how much a spiritual aspect such as Astrology or Vastu helps. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the market and if you want to be really unique, you need to consider all aspects of Vastu which play an important role. Let’s see what we can do while buying a new or existing store.
A small business is easy to step into from a regular job. Starting a store is a good option. There are many different types of businesses such as food stores, grocery stores, convenience stores etc. When buying an existing store, we need ask why one is selling store and what it comes with. Sometimes we get into a business but there is no easy success and it makes your life difficult. In such a situation, we should always consider along with professional advice, we take some spiritual advice. Generally, selecting anew premises is a challenge but with Vastu Shastra, it makes it easier for you to identify that this place will bind its occupants and bring happiness. As out of your birth chart, one can predict an individual’s future. Similarly, looking at the Vastu aspect of a premises, a Vastu Consultant can foresee future growth of the business.
Be mindful when you are looking for store locations as it is not the same for each and every type of business. For all different types of business, there are different directions to work. Anything relating to an ice cream parlor, dessert place or fresh juice store, you need to have the main door facing North-East. Similarly, if you have a grocery store or general/dairy store, an East facing door which will help you to grow faster and bring fame. Likewise, for all other stores such as Liquor stores, bakeries, pizza stores or fast food places, they each have a specific direction and that will help you to grow your business financially. When we start our own business, it is always important that we do our best, and considering Vastu Shastra to see if it helps is a responsible action to take.
Deciding the main entrance of a store or opening door direction are not the only concerns. The arrangement and movement of clients also makes difference. Make sure each and every details addressed, including the customer lineup, seating arrangement, position of washroom, pantry, office area, stock, and display etc. It means a lot needs to be checked from different aspects so that our store runs smoothly. We also need to make sure the people who work for us have happiness and harmony among the staff and ownership. Last but not least, Customer Satisfaction is the most important. If you take care of your customer, then they pay you back by spreading good words to their friends and family which brings you more business.
Growing a business is not joke, it is really hard work. If you experiment with Vastu, it can help you to be a successful business man carrying that legacy on to your family. So, when you are buying or leasing an existing store, make sure with minor rearranging you get a positive energy flow. Building a new store from ground is a prime opportunity to get every possible thing right as per Vastu principles. These small things help you for a bright future of business.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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