Vastu Shastra for Health & Wellness

By Kalpesh Joshi

Your Health & Wealth are the most important things in life. Generally, if one of them is not strong, then our progress slows down. Let’s see how Vastu Shastra influences our health and wellness. As we know, Vastu Shastra is called Vastu Shilp Shastra and it is among the 64 ancient Indian arts. Vastu plays a very important role in making our life better with positivity around you at either the work place or home. Generally, the average person spent more than 8 hours a day at their residence. Similarly, they spend around 8 hrs at work. That means the surrounding environment you live or work will have influence to your body, your mood and thought process. There, Vastu helps individuals be more active, health conscious and focused. Due to Vastu Shastra, our body, which is made up of the five elements of universe, works on the same principle of balance that governs Residential, Industrial or Commercial premises. That means if we are suffering from any specific health problem but we have a proper flow of energy at Home, this may help in improving our health or balancing it so it does not accelerate the health issues.

Generally, if you live in first world country and their health system is good, we still have unusual problems which do not have a cure. Even with free health care in the best possible facility, we still suffer. Vastu plays an important role to make you feel better. Even if you don’t have a health problem, following Vastu Shastra acts as a prevention method which is better than a cure. Vastu has so much influence on the human body because this is the science of natural energy and their flow which helps the body and mind stay fresh.

There are some chronic diseases for which there is no easy cure or It is very long term. In those situations, Vastu can help you as supplement as well. By following Vastu norms, there are better chances of improvement which will help to prevent from spreading it faster. In this scenario, Vastu has very specific norms which can help in this condition. So generally, the patient is advised to be in the East or South East corner bedroom. In case in hospital, avoid keeping your head in the North direction. Secondly, having a window or door in the East which opens right and inside is advisable. That will help to bring positive energy into that room as the natural flow of energy flows in a clockwise manner. Having the window in East brings energy from the sun, which helps to generate confidence and positive thoughts. Also, the East direction eliminates negative environments. So with medical science, you can follow these very easy steps of Vastu to have a betterment in life.

Let’s talk about mental health which is very crucial nowadays, because this is a common issue worldwide and there are no proper cures in such a condition. The “cure” is being in the right surroundings and environment that can help your condition. Since it is just based on feeling and behavior, physical health is perfectly fine. This is still as serious of an issue as chronic decease, because you don’t know if the patient will harm themselves or other people. Also, you don’t know when, where and how, so these unanswered questions always bother us and leave us with negative thinking. In such a situation, Vastu Shastra plays a very important role because when you have no control of someone’s mind or thought process, you need to create a surrounding which can help this situation. The Best thing for such patients is to stay either in the North-East corner bedroom or North-West corner’s bedroom as it depends upon specific conditions. This thing will help individuals if they are suffering from aggression or violation, by keeping them in the North-East bedroom which will improve their thought process. Since the North-East is the water corner and the cloud energy flows when its passes through this corner. This will help the patient feel calmer and more comfortable in this area. By following this norm, you are helping them to be near to nature and that only can help in mental health. I don’t give you percentage but with my experience I can say it will definitely help you and bring Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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