Vastu Shastra for Gas Station

We have seen people work in or start up Gas stations as a startup business. In this scenario, we need to decide whether we choose to work in or startup our own gas station. Nowadays, this business is mostly a franchisee business with a major petroleum corporation brand. During the business, it is important to consider how Vastu Shastra can be incorporated with the brand standard. Vastu & Feng Shui are popular these days and one needs to have a professional consultant who can help to make your gas station Vastu compliant as well as show you the path of success.
Vastu Shastra consists of five elements, namely Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Space. One of the most important elements of the universe is fire,which is the spiritual resemblance of gas. It is very important that when you design or rearrange a Gas station, you take care of the basic principles of Vastu Shastra. This will help you run your business successfully and success always leads to prosperity. Some basic knowledge of Vastu will help you towards growth in this business. We have seen people owning dozens of gas stations in different areas making this as a living. So why don’t we delve into such a business and become more successful with help of Vastu Shastra.
Firstly, what are things or points we need to keep into consideration while selecting a site for the Gas station?Generally, it depends on how busy an area is,but from a Vastu Aspect, East is the favorable direction for such a project.The East direction is good for fire related businesses, even for Restaurants because fire is involved. Secondly, the East direction will bring fame to the business as well as it would stay memorable. Considering this all as an option, we can choose the land to build a Gas station. In the case you are buying/ running a gas station, we still need to follow Vastu norms.
Having a road on South or East also helps for Gas station businesses to grow. Be positive while selecting or running a business, and look for the right placement of major things such as underground fuel tanks, flow of vehicle movement, car wash stations&storage area. Once you make every possible aspect into right direction, there is a fair chance for you to own multiple gas stations. Considering minor things such as color combinations or placing marketing material also plays important role.Make sure you take care of whatever is available to play around with and we can make it Vastu compliant to get the best out of it.
Sometimes, we see people work hard to make their business successful, or take it to the next level, but sadly end up in failure. That means there are some natural or spiritual aspects working behind it and if we ignore them, we suffer. The best thing to do is if we are professional business minded people, we should look into each and everything which can make your business successful. Owning a business is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work and courage to do that. In conclusion, make it simple and follow whatever you can whether it is Vastu, Feng Shui or Astrology. I have seen lots of incidents where the owner is facing unusual problems running their business smoothly such as staffing, legal, or financial issues. In this case, if our basic concepts are correct as per Vastu Shastra, it can help to bring Peace & Prosperity.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
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