Vastu Shastra for Gardening & Landscaping

Garden and landscaping are important part of house, similarly their role is important in Vastu Shastra also. Mainly it’s very helpful in terms of creating positive energy and for remedial purpose.
When it is difficult to make any structural changes, we can change in landscaping to balance energy.
Positive energy is most important thing to be around you. So if we have our garden planned or designed as per Vastu norms than it will help you to energize your home with lots of positivity. As plants help to generate good energy around your home, so always keep in mind that each house, apartment or commercial building should have some plants which also helps to keep environment fresh and clean. Let’s see how we can implement use of natural resources to our residential, commercial or industrial spaces.
Firstly, for landscaping, we need to see which space is empty and is in which shape. Some shapes are considered to be of good shape in terms of spirituality and it helps in bringing your growth. Now when we are considering the shape, slope of the house also plays equally important role. Mainly which direction is the slope going towards or which is the highest point of garden is also to be considered. When the slope is going towards front of the home is generally considered to be good, but still it is dependent upon which direction is your home facing. While designing, one should be considered how much land is there on each side of the home or commercial building, so on that basis we can decide that balance of the home in accordance to the plot size. Once everything is finalized regarding placement, sizing and slopping, we can start working on planting different kind of trees and plants.
Sometimes we have to be very careful choosing different kind of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and decorative plants or trees. When making that discussion try to divide land into four corners namely NORTH-EAST, SOUTH-EAST, SOUTH-WEST and NORTH-WEST because NORTH-EAST is water corner and so we can have more greener in that direction. Also we can have small pond in that area which some water base plant to be grown. In some cases, if you want you make swimming pool in that corner. By doing that you are trying to balance all five elements of universe in its own direction. Sometimes mismatching of these things can also create negative influence to occupant. So try and get professional advice before making any changes to existing garden or designing new garden.
Now let’s discuss about most favorable plants for residential premises and what difference it will make to our life. Mainly for residential premises they should plant more suitable plants and flowers, because those plants have duel benefits as when flowers is growing it cleans environment and when you use them in your home or temple when it is live it will spread positive effects. As we know that having Basil in front of the home is considered to be more auspicious, similarly each plant has their own characteristic and it helps humans because plant are considered to be alive.
Try avoiding cactus plants in your home, because cactus generally creates differences among family members. That doesn’t mean you cannot plant a rose plant because it gives flower and have a thrones. So only cactus or throne plant are not advised inside your home. It does its job if planted outside and in specific direction. Also plants which generates specific fluid are not recommended inside house. Try to be specific about things you put in your garden because it can have positive or negative effect on your home if you not designed as per vastu norms. Landscaping is always easy remedy because it doesn’t required any structure changes and it also helps to improve family harmony and good health.

By Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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