Vastu Shastra for Children’s Bedroom

By Kalpesh Joshi
The bedroom is the place where you feel the most comfortable and is mainly for your relaxation. we usually try to have the best things in our bedroom in terms of luxury, outlook or convenient. Some specifications for bedroom depend on how big your home is and then you can choose a better view for yourself. So, when we talk about the bedroom, these things come to our attention and on that basis, we try to design and choose locations. Here, as responsible family members, we have to make sure the children’s bedrooms have all the amenities that they need. We also need to ask ourselves if it is Vastu compliant. Is it suitable for their education, career growth, and health? We need to make sure all these concerns are taken care before we decide the bedroom for our sons or daughters.
Vastu Shastra is very specific about shape, design and placement, that’s why its called “Indian Architecture”. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your new home or your existing home, you have to make some basic necessary changes wherein you are going with the natural flow of energy. This will bring you happiness. Happiness or well being cannot be bought or come with million-dollar home. We have to create it by following the science of energy to create a positive flow of energy in our home and bring happiness and harmony among family. Why is it so important in today’s world? Despite living in a first would country, simply luxurious homes have no guarantee that you will be doing well living in that premises. Many times, we see our children not doing well in school or their career which harms their development. A major issue nowadays is how our kids don’t listen to us and sometimes they are influenced by society. In this situation, Vastu Shastra guidance is a blessing for parents.
The children’s bedroom is the place where they spent the most of their private time and we have to make sure that they really enjoy their room and bring positive outcomes in terms of their education and career. So first of all, as we discussed, Vastu Shastra is very precise about placement and its occupant. That means depending on how many kids you have, what their gender is, and what their age is etc, on that basis we can design their bedroom. So they are happy in that bedroom and achieve their goal in life. We ask, why is it so detailed? to have the best outcome we need to be more accurate about details. Also, we need to understand the purpose of the bedroom is not just to sleep, it has emotion, memories and your personal growth attached to it.
The Children’s bedroom can be in the East direction which is ideal when they are very young, that will help them to grow faster as East directions have positive energy. Kids bedroom interior should be very light color and the bed should be on East wall. Try not to use dark colors like black, maroon, red. Also, the curtain and linen should be white or light colors. The Male child should be in the West or South side room where he can become more responsible and career focused. Similarly, for females after age 18, they can be in the North-West direction room. This direction helps girls for their fast progress and help them to find a suitable life partner. Sometime we see females not get married at appropriate ages and the family starts to worry about them. As well social pressure also can bother you. So these kinds of small changes may change her life. Positive changes are always for your betterment but we don’t realize until we experience. So don’t wait to make necessary changes in your home and help your children prosper with little help of Vastu principals. Life is too short, you don’t need to experiment with anything and everything, just follow the right path and you will able to reach your goal quicker.

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