Vastu Shastra for Business

For many people, owning a business and being your own boss is a goal. It makes you want to work hard and grow your business. Nevertheless, it is always tough moving from a secure job to your own business. This situation has a lot of pros and cons, sometimes we feel that a business needs a lot of hard work as well as it has to deal with competition. A business may work in your favor or it may not. So, with all that doubt in your mind, let’s think about the spiritual aspect or practical approach; does Vastu Shastra help in growing your business? The answer is Yes. Every business needs some kind of shelter to begin. Any small or multinational company needs space to start their business. That’s where Vastu Shastra plays an important role with the ideologies of Indian Architecture.
Mainly, there are Vastu principles that help you find the appropriate space to be fruitful and to grow your business. Selecting the right property for where you want to run your business and learning how re-positioning furniture or machinery can get you positive vibes at your work place. Sometimes we don’t take Vastu or Feng Shuias seriously as we should. When we are doing business professionally, we should not leave any room for errors that can lead to an unsuccessful business. Vastu always brings harmony among people working under one roof with one goal which is business growth. We should keep in mind Vastu helps you define the future of that business. As we know, looking at your Birth Chart, an Astrologer can predict your future; similarly, looking at your work place, a Vastu Consultant can predict the future of the business.
Vastu principles are easy to follow and can be implemented at an early stage making it a one-time solution. You should try to follow the steps in the early stages when you have more of a choice and it is less expensive. In this competitive world, one should stand out from others and should have a completely different strategy to move ahead with growth. Vastu recommends this specific direction for each type of business. No direction is good or bad, but the direction your business faces is important in accordance with nature of business. A general good direction for business is North, because a business facing the North is always progressing. As you are constantly getting positive energy moving from the North pole to the South pole. Similarly, the shape of a plot or building also plays an equally important roll, like all four corners that are 90 degrees which help businesses sustain for longer periods of time. Sometimes, we see an adverse effect of Vastu by not having the natural energy moving or balancing in the right direction that may be obstacles for business growth. We see management and employees not gelling well or a union is creating a major problem. In such a situation, if the water body comes into the fire corner, and we know water and fire are natural enemies so it creates a problem. In conclusion, each small aspect effects the success of a business.
Entrepreneurship is big responsibility, like a baby you need to take care of your business over your education, vision and finance. Some spiritual or natural touch may bring your business to the next level. We need to have a unique strategy to make our business different from the competitor. Sometimes two business started from the same place, and while one is doing exceptional, the other one is bankrupt. That isn’t luck, it is Vastu. There is a natural force which can be characterized as Vastu or another spiritual or natural energy. Believe in the proven science of energy flow which is based on the five elements of the universe and follow it. Don’t experiment with yourself by not following and getting an unexpected result. Understand the things that were made or written by sages for the betterment of human beings, and take advantage of that to become a successful business owner.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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