Vastu Shastra for Book Store

Education plays a very important role in everyone’s life; whether you are young or old, everyone needs to learn something in life at each stage. Vastu plays a role in educational material such as books. According to Indian mythology, goddess Saraswati is the one who we worshiped for education. Education creates your identity, it has been said that all your family heritage gets equally divided among each child except education. That means education always stays with you and that’s one of the reasons we say education is power. So, let’s see how we can have a successfully running business of books or book stores and how this principle of Vastu helps to make our store unique.

Selling books or educational material is considered to be an auspicious process. Now a days there are many multinational companies who have a retail business of books and also have a store front. Similarly, there are many individual book stores that are very well known and doing positively. We have many choices such as having individual book stores or joining a franchisee. Again, this depends on individual choices and how they are comfortable with starting a business. If we have the choice to start from finding a piece of land and then building a book store, then Vastu will be very helpful because you can apply Vastu principles from the very beginning. You do not need to start from scratch as you still have many choices if you don’t. We can choose the right infrastructure and plan for modifications before you are good to go.

The most favorable direction to start a book store is East. East always brings name and fame; and education is key to have real name and fame in life. So, if you have choices, try to look for a better direction that can help your hard work payoff. The Book store is like a temple as we have the 3 main goddess which bring us prosperity present. They are Maha Kali, Maha Laxmi & Maha Saraswati who is the goddess of education. So now we need to maintain our store like a spiritual place. It becomes very important that you really understand Vastu principles and make sure arrangements are done in the right way. Now the second thing is the color of the store, as we know, color combinations play a major role. books are very valuable in terms of gaining knowledge & progressing in life.

Placement and arrangement of shelving and racks are important from a client’s perspective, so they can easily excess the right books in a small amount of time. In that case, Vastu does have something to suggest to you which will be helpful. While arranging racks, make sure they are East to West with the East side being lower and West side higher. If you think about from a material point of view, wood is the best thing for racks. Any natural things helps create positive energy fast and wood helps in storing that energy. energy flow has to be in correct direction, as we know the natural force of energy flows in a clockwise manner. We should also create flows from client entry and exit in a clockwise manner so they move around our store premises in the correct manner. That help them to have positive attitudes and easy selection process on what they want and how it helps them.

These are very minor things when we are planning to have a book store, but it is very important and that will be one of the reasons for your success. Arrange the exit area and check-out counters on right hand side so that clients move in our store clockwise manner. That movement of clients and employee generates a very positive and strong environment. That will help in repeating clients and their loyalty towards your store. That is one of keys to success. In conclusion, try and follow vastu whenever possible and see how it helps you to achieve your goals.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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