Vastu Shastra for Better Living

Throughout many years, the word Vastu has become more and more popular in a positive light. Despite that, many people still ignore Vastu Shastra. In a bad situation, most of us go to a Vastu Consultant to solve any issues related with health, wealth, profession, business, education, marriage, family etc. Some believe that Vastu does not have any influence on us and they choose to follow their Karma and progress in life. A common practice with non-believers nowadays is to research it, ultimately preventing one to follow the actual science of Vastu Shastra also known as Indian Architecture.
Vastu brings Peace, Prosperity & Happiness and if you think that helps to live a better life, then you should follow Vastu principles. There is nothing wrong in trying something which can help you in uplifting your life situation. Vastu complies with the five elements of the universe of which our body is also made out of. These have direct and indirect effects on us which knowingly or unknowingly can have a positive or negative effect. Since Peace, Prosperity & Happiness cannot be measured, it has to be determined by feeling. It is beneficial to not be ignorant about Vastu Shastra and the science of energy flow which can provide positive energy to Residential, Industrial & Commercial premises. Vastu Shastra helps occupants to live happily and bond one another with harmony.
Vastu plays important role for better living as it help occupants with growth and prosperity. We always wish to have a better lifestyle but we are not sure how to get things like money, power or fame. Some people have all 3 things but still are lacking inner happiness and a personal growth mindset to progress in life. Most importantly, to be happy, you need strong willpower and suitable infrastructure where you can live or work. Vastu Shastra helps in creating infrastructure where the movement of energy flow in our Home or at our Business is positive. Some basic principles of Vastu Shastra includes the 10 directional philosophies divided by nine blocks where each of them have specific characteristics.
Follow basic principles of Vastu Shastra and help yourself and your family progress in life. Vastu helps in case if you have a health related issue or you want better health. That’s why you should try to follow sleeping directions. Generally, East is a good direction to sleep. Sometimes we are not sure or unaware of the right direction to sleep or sit and do our daily activities. Facing the right direction may help you to improve your thought process and confidence. Similarly, sleeping in the correct position will help our body to recharge throughout the night. There are some medical conditions where you are not recovering fast or you are not getting the specific result you want. In such a situation, Vastu can help you as a supplement.
Our business or profession is very important in our life and each one of you wants to progress to achieve our goals and dreams. So, by following Vastu principal according to your nature of work it can help you to be more focused and concentrate in the direction where you want to go. Many times, we hear lots of us have work stress or business problems and we worry about growth. Vastu can help you by making as little as moving tables into specific directions or changing doors to open clockwise at the business which will help more satisfied clients. Its very simple if the business premises door opens to the right-hand side inside that may help increasing customer flow. As the natural flow of energy flows in clockwise manner, it makes it more convenient for clients to walk in to your office or store naturally. So, these small tips always help in life because if you see there is no thumb rule that you can’t open door this way. So, try out “The secret world of Vastu Shastra” and bring organic happiness in everyone’s lives.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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