Vastu Shastra for Basement

By Kalpesh Joshi
The Basement is a cherished aspect of the home because it has the potential to be used for anything you think of. The whole basement concept is mostly seen in North America, wherein in Indian there are generally only basements for commercial or industrial premises to store products or manufacturing. In India, people don’t typically live in the basement because of climate conditions and spiritual reasons. As per Vastu Shastra, it is divided into 3 layers. One is Bhumi “Earth” on which human beings can live; the second is “Patal” which means below ground level where other living being such as animals, insects etc live. The third layer is called “Swarg,” which means Haven above earth level where god lives. So based on this mythology, basement use is restricted or limited according to our needs.

Nowadays, the basement can be of financial aid by homeowners renting it out. In Some cases, the basement is for other activities which includes fitness, games, entertainment or storage. Basically, this is one place inside the home which is utilized for multiple purposes and helps us emotionally, financially and socially. For example, it can be used to host small get-together. We need to consider basement arrangements and flows of energy so it can bring us peace, prosperity and happiness. In this scenario, Vastu Shastra plays important roll and by following Vastu norms in the basement, you can enjoy multiple benefits.

Let’s start with the cold room in the basement. Generally, this room should be in the East or North side which is considered to be good. One should not keep any alcoholic beverages in this room. It is also important to refrain from putting heavy stuff or fire elements as storage. I have seen some people put temples in their basement which is not advisable. Try to keep the North & East area lightweight and clean. Your basement should be painted with bright colors with an excess of ventilation. Do not put unused or unwanted items for long periods of time in the basement. These items foster a negative environment since it is useless for long periods of time. Wooden floors for basements are strongly recommended as well.

If the basement is used as a gaming room or home theater, then is most important to have the projector screen on the East side. Colorful paintings should be kept in the gaming area. Do not put any unfinished sculptures or paintings in this area. It is great to have home gyms and the most suitable place to have the gym is the basement. All heavy instruments should be on the West side and light weight gym equipment in North side. Always keep in mind while exercising you should have the front area clear. We should not put all our gym instruments right in front of a wall. It is common practice to have some window or visibility in front of you, because by doing exercise you generate energy and that should stay positive.

In the basement, mostly all five elements of universe are stationed here in an artificial way. For example, we have water tanks, water heater, air conditioning units, furnaces, electric panels and underground water pumps. All of these equipment’s should be in the right direction to avoid any contradiction between water and fire. Balancing weight of and height of equipment is also important. When you have a limited choice, we can try to balance it. Do not place any edible storage items under the staircase.

A basement apartment is similar to the bedroom. We need to be careful while making a Kitchen platform. Generally, you should face East while cooking food. Also, while making the washroom, avoid the North direction and try to keep this area clean. The Living room can be on the East side and the bedroom should be on the West side. Some people prefer to have an office or work place in the basement, but that can be tricky. Only limited professional work can be done from the basement. Otherwise you might face difficulties growing your business. So, as considered, the basement is good for multiple activities or purposes. Nevertheless, only appropriate activities may bring harmony among family. In Vastu Shastra, there are many options that can help you to rectify adverse effects as long as you have professional Vastu Shastra knowledge. Follow Vastu norms and bring happiness to every part of your home.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
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