Vastu norms for Doors & Windows

The science of direction which brings happiness to home is called Vastu Shastra. All of us want to be protective about our family but to have harmony, we need to consider certain directions. Energy flow is very important and to have energy flow in the right direction, we need to have airflow into the home. Having the door and windows in the right direction will bring prosperity to the home and financial stability.
Essentially, there are 4 main directions and corners. Each direction and corner has its own symbolic influence to the occupant(s) living in that premises. Every single human on this earth will have one of these directions, and today we talk about some of them and how they influence us and also how we can change the situations in our homes.
Let’s look at some examples. If you want better influences for natural energy flow, you need to follow a certain principle of Vastu Shastra. The main entrance door makes a major difference in our lifestyle and what we are trying to achieve in life.
For the door, wooden door with light or natural colors is most advisable. If it is single door, then it should open clockwise on the right-hand side inside. The nature flow of energy flows in a clockwise manner which will bring positivity to your home.
For a double door: Wooden double doors opening inside are considered very good as they bring universal positive energy into your home. Essentially, they will make your Home as divine as a temple.
For a sliding door: we usually have a sliding door when there is a special constraint. This kind of door is considered a neutral door which does not let positive energy in or out of your home.
For windows, Having large windows in East direction is good, as they bring positive energy into the home that helps the occupant to stay healthy, where in the South or West direction small windows high on the wall would help prevent negative energy get into home. In some cases, leaving windows open for some time during the day will be good to have home filled with positive energy flow. Sometimes, we think it is good to have windows only on one wall, but in actuality, it is not advisable. Since energy needs to be balanced, having a proportionate door and windows opening in all four directions is the best-case scenario.
In conclusion, all directions are satisfactory as they are created by nature, but the correct placement of certain articles will maximize the potential for happiness, peace, and prosperity in your home.


Kalpesh Joshi.
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Ask the Expert
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Q: If my property is leased, does it still influence the property owner? Vikas, San Antonio, TX
A: Yes, Vastu effects two parties, the property owner and the occupant. Always have a Vastu compliant home to be happy and keep the occupants safe.

Q: What would be the best new year resolution from Vastu aspects? Piti, Vancouver, BC
A: I would suggest making internal changes to your home and to make it Vastu compliant. This may bring prosperity to home, and also help you to achieve your new year’s goal.

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