Vastu for Game Room

The most exciting place at home for all ages is the Game Room. Vastu plays a significant role as far as the game room or play area is concerned. We entertain ourselves to stay happy, while Vastu is notorious for bringing happiness to our home. If we make our game room in accordance with Vastu, it adds to our family harmony. Sometimes small changes make more difference and we always want to have a place in our home where we can recharge ourselves or spend time with other family members.
Everyone visualizes a different game room, which is why Vastu is versatile to get you what you want. Generally, we prefer to have a game room in the basement. Even if you make the game room or play area on the main floor or above ground, Vastu plays a part. Kids play area is very important in home and that is also important accordance with Vastu Shastra. Practically if you see kids basically grow in that area as well they spend more time there. So, we need to make sure their innocent mind is filled with joy and happiness. Have a play area in the East side and put most of the activities there such as white boards, educational games, pictures, art etc. That will attract their attention more because kids are facing East all the time and East is the direction bringing new thought processes and ideas. Secondly, there are other toys which they can play with as well, so they should be kept on the west wall while playing they face east. Have a multi-color wall or wall paper in this room which is bright. These small things aid their growth and make them positive in life.
Similarly, teens in home also spend lots of time in the gaming zone to entertain themselves and stay active. So, we have to make proper arrangements of those electronic items. we know they mostly like brainstorming activities such video games on play station or Wii etc. All of those run with electricity; according to Vastu Shastra it comes as fire elements which is in the South-East. Try to design all TV or media walls in the South-East area. That helps fire to stay in the fire corner as per Vastu. Some other activities like chase or physical games can be kept in North direction. Most people think that by doing activities you get self-satisfaction and inner peace and that’s the reason you need help of Vastu Shastra which gels well with bringing happiness.
When we talk about adults, they are more into activities and physical exercises to stay health conscious; either it is mental health or physical health. Both are equally important for them. So once they come back from work they need something which can help then to get rid of work stress as well other responsibilities. generally, a pool table, billiard or maybe some gym equipment will be preferable. All those can be placed in the South direction as these things are heavy. We can have Yoga room or other activities also along the play area which helps family members stay together. Balancing the five elements of universe generates positive energy and that helps bring peace. In this world, who doesn’t want Peace, Prosperity and Happiness? Color and picture frames also make a difference, as you get effected by this, since you are in that environment. be mindful while placing things or designing such an important room in your Home or work place.
We do find sometimes that we have the best of best items or equipment in the game room but it never happens that we visit that frequently. Or we don’t feel relaxed or happy being there. that means artificial things can’t give you happiness, you need inner peace to really be relaxed or recharge. Sometime such a place becomes very evident for major events in life. Like starting new business or getting into a relationship while just relaxing. That is what concludes that there is some other spiritual power working which helps us to be naturally blessed.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
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