Vastu for Banquet Hall

It’s time to party, and a party means fun. It brings happiness among us and our family. So when we talk about happiness, first Vastu Shastra comes in our mind as Vastu does play a very important role. So, let’s see how Vastu Shastra can help designing the event space or banquet hall. The Vastu aspect is easy to implement in a banquet hall as it has different dimension arrangement according to types of event and number of attendees. That makes things easier to follow with Vastu norms.
Two things need to be taken in account for the venue. It has to be convenient for people to find it and it is important to have this place Vastu compliant. Once you have these both things then it will be the perfect event place. So, if you are looking for a new event space, look for something in the East because an East facing premises will gives you fame. that counts for business growth as an event space is luxurious business. try to have the right location which can help you grow as well as each individual who attends the events.
Once you have the right location, try to make the inside more elegant. This add charm to each event happening at our premises. Now entry and exit locations are very important because that is the area which everyone is coming and going. They are bringing more energy to the place, so if possible, have guests enter in a clockwise manner that helps the natural flow of energy to move in a clockwise manner. This situation will give satisfaction to each person visiting the premises; they will also be satisfied with the services. Always keep in mind, if your clients are happy then you are happy. Vastu Shastra is about Peace, Prosperity and Happiness. This science of Architecture helps to brings harmony among us. When you plan any event you want everyone to feel like family and enjoy every moment happening here.
Generally, the foyer is the place where we welcome our guests and everyone gets together. this area should be in the East or North. The ambiance has to be attractive and express luxury. Then, the next thing is the main event space or hall, which is a vast space where events take place. So, this is also equally important that we arrange the seating area, dance floor, exhibition, vendors booth etc. According to clients’ needs and wants, we have to make these arrangements. While designing these we should follow Vastu principles and make sure that the flow of guests should be in such a way that each one of them have clear visibility to the main stage. Similarly, it has to be easily accessible for invitees to find the Bar, Washroom, Food counters and other important areas. Vastu is not just about structure, it also about planning according to the occupant’s need.
The most important aspect in an event which everyone is looking for is food. How does the food taste, look and served? The Kitchen is the place and the chef is the one who makes very delicious food. in accordance with Vastu Shastra, the South-East corner is considered to be the fire corner and if we can have Kitchen in this area then that will be ideal. Also, have most kitchen preparations on a platform on the East wall and have cleaning or washing areas in the North-West corner. Try to have this area with windows and doors, so will have enough natural light. Also, it important that how cooking process takes place in kitchen. From pre-cook to ready to serve, so that it happens in sequence. We should not forget eating is considered to be a very spiritual and natural process. Nature’s norms have to be followed so everyone attending our event will have the satisfaction of each meal. Sometimes important events which are very near to our heart may become bad memories or not meet up to our mark, which means something is missing and that could be Vastu Shastra. always keep this in mind if you want real happiness which can only be available through the natural way. To have that happiness follow nature’s norms while helping yourself with others.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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