Vastu Décor for Home

By Kalpesh Joshi
When we talk about Vastu Shastra, most of us think of Vastu related items, like statues, and not an actual Vastu consultation. This is because it is very easy to buy furniture online and place it in your home, just to have false hope that there will be a positive outcome. However, in reality, you may not think about whether the items you buy from the market are really serving you purpose or just easily available. People must understand that first step to making effective change in your life is a detailed Vastu consultation by a professional. It can either be a personalized visit at your premises, or a floor plan. The consultant will guide you according to your needs, what is appropriate for your residence, what can remove negative energy and bring positivity to your home, etc.
Before buying anything for your home, whether it is a dining table or water fountain, you should consult a professional for their guidance. You may keep a Buddha statue in your home under the assumption that it has positive vibes. Although, in some situations, keeping Buddha’s face in kid’s bedroom is not at all advisable. As for kids play area or study room, you need to have a complete and whole Buddha statue. According to Vastu Shastra, some of the missing body parts in statues will bring negative energy. Similarly, keeping animal statues or art is also quite important to have it in a specific corner with specific color. This will help you to boost positive energy. For example, having an elephant statue made of wood in the South direction facing North will help you with financial safety &security.
Interior designing is very important for our homes, and may reveal many things about occupant. For example, how wealthy person is, their culture, their hobbies, etc. Keeping your home clean and tidy can represent how disciplined you are. Last but not least, you religion might also be represented with religious symbols, or pictures that identify your beliefs. Believe or not, arranging your home with correct furniture, placement of pictures, murals and other items in home. this is all nothing but art. Nevertheless, learn what is best for you and your family, since this décor will carry a strong impression of your home, and more importantly, you.
The color of each room also really matters as part of your home décor, because according to Vastu, four corners have specific energy. For instance, North-East is called the water corner. Therefore, if you are painting that room, it is advised to have something of a lighter or water related color, instead of the opposite. Such small things will also help with bringing more harmony among your family members. Another important factor to consider is your dining table. The material also makes a difference. It should be either wood, stone, glass or synthetic. Vastu Shastra has very specific standards for the dining table’s shape along with color. Preferably, with wood, it’s most appropriate for the table to be shaped with a 90-degree corner. This helps energy to flow easily while you eat meals with your family. We see the dining table as a place for our family sit together and eat, or discuss important decisions. However, if things are not according to Vastu, you will begin to see conflict when sitting on the table, or majority time you won’t even get the opportunity to sit together and eat. Overall, all of these different factors come together as part of living in a Vastu compliant home. Furniture and decorations help to eliminate unwanted issues between family members, meanwhile also bring more harmony among everyone who lives under that premises.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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Q: Are swimming pools in backyard advisable? Ankita, Fort MacMurray AB
A: Generally, it is not advisable if your home is facing a specific direction, but in your case, yes because it falls into North-West side of home, so you are fine.
Q: When choosing a direction specifically for restaurant, what is the ideal direction? Swetal, Dallas TX
A: Food related business are good if there are in East side, but depending upon what cuisine restaurant you are looking for it can be either into South-East or South.
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