Varanasi girls create knife with cutting-edge features to prevent crime against women

Varanasi, Oct 13 (IANS)
In view of rising incidents of molestation and crimes against women, Shalini and Diksha, two girl students of Varanasi’s Ashoka Institute of Computer Science, have invented a smart knife.
Not just can the knife prove to be a weapon that provides women security on the spot, it can also alert their loved ones.
Shalini and Diksha told IANS that their invention is no ordinary knife. A SIM card has been installed to protect women in distress from miscreants.
The steel knife weights just 70 grams and has been fitted into a large-size piece of jewellery. It took one month to make the prototype at an expense of Rs. 1500.
As soon as the woman removes the knife, a call with location details goes to three numbers that have been previously fed.
This device works on the basis of radio frequency and Bluetooth technology.
The knife has a very small button that connects with the mobile phone through radio frequency as soon as you press the button at a time of distress.
Even as the family members and the police reach to help her, the woman can use the knife for self-defence.
It has been made by the girl students under the direction of Shyam Chaurasia, incharge of Ashoka Institute’s research and development cell.
Chaurasia says the smart knife can not only scare miscreants but also attract the attention of the people nearby and alert the police at the same time.

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