Utah couple wants people to travel with them for free

Young travelers have been bitten by the travel recently but money is always the issue to feed the travel bug. If many have been hoping for an easier way out, then a couple has an interesting proposition where they pay you to travel with them for free. The couple from Utah is willing to pay for food and stay and everything you want.

According to a report in the Metro, the Tillotson family are preparing to travel the world in July but their only catch is they require a travel nanny. The couple are willing to pay for anybody who would be willing to take care of their three children – Porter, Beckett and Wren for a whole year. The food, travel and accommodation will all be paid for along with a monthly salary of 1,200 – 1,500 dollars a month. However if the person wants to go back home, the family will be going back home in December for a few days during which they can take their break.

The couple’s itinerary includes places like New York, Iceland and Scandinavia before they move on to European destinations like Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Austria among others. The couple have been planning to travel for a while but were busy setting up their business and handling the children because of which they couldn’t find the time. Interestingly, the couple also wants somebody who could help teach their children among other things too.

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