US woman gets free chicken for life after praising restaurant

Washington, Sep 11 (IANS) Everyone may not be fortunate enough to earn yummy free chicken sandwiches for life just with a tweet. A woman in the US has just done that after her tweet praising the delicacies of the restaurant in the District of Columbia went viral.
The tweet from 24-year-old musician Bri Hall, who uses the stage name “La Hara”, boosted the business of Roaming Rooster as people started lining up to get a taste of the fried chicken sandwich. Roaming Rooster has made a mark for the use of grain-fed antibiotic free chicken.
“While Popeyes is cool and all if you live in the DMV area you should check out Roaming Rooster in DC. It’s Black owned, and the founder Mike is Ethiopian born. He grew the family business from a food truck and has always been kind,” Hall said in the tweet.
Michael Habtemariam, one of the restaurant’s owners, promised Hall that she would never have to pay again.
“Mike called us tonight completely speechless and said, “thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Y’all really are amazing for making this tweet blow up,” Hall said in a tweet on August 31.
“We made it! Big hello from Mike, his brother, and whole family! We stopped in for an hour to catch up and of course get some dinner,” Hall announced in a tweet on September 1.
Many of her followers agreed that the restaurant serves awesome food.
“Good look to anybody that mentioned Roaming Rooster on here… best damn chicken sandwich I ever had…,” said one user.

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