US and world nations are in turmoil, leaders need to act wisely


By  Santosh Verma
Via e-mail

Following the massive earthquake and tsunami, Japan is going through very challenging times. The situation in Japan is precarious and disastrous. The Japanese government is struggling to prevent a meltdown of their nuclear reactors.  Radiation has leaked out.  Thousands of lives have been lost and property damage is immense and it could run into $30-50 billion and reconstruction would take years.

The people, who survived but lost their loved ones, are in shock and the uprooted people are having miserable times to find shelter, food, clothing and other basic needs.  The relief agencies are rushing to provide help.  Donations are being collected.  It is a greatest tragedy not only for Japan, but also for the entire humanity or human beings. 

We need to learn from this nature-made devastating tragedy.  We must learn to live in peace.  Human life is fragile.

We find turmoil all over.  Middle East and North Africa are facing massive uprisings.  Bahrain is having sectarian protests. Military forces from Saudi Arabia and Gulf nations are joining  to shore up the Sunni rulers in the face of escalating  Shiite-led protests.  Egypt has had violent killings of Christians after toppling Mubarak and his regime.  The Muslim brotherhood is trying to gain control in Egypt.  There is a very good article in a newspaper on March 14 on the birth of the Muslim brotherhood, written by Jay Winter, Professor of History  at Yale University and the author with Blaine Baggett of The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century.  In conclusion, it states, that the pattern of bloodshed in the modern Middle East was set in stonege. Now, nearly a century later, we see the same forces arrived in the same chronic, bloody struggle, with no end in sight.  If you think the explosive forces of World War I are the stuff of an ancient history, think again.  Afghanistan and Pakistan are having a surge of terrorists.  The Pakistan Army is  the real obstacle to peace, it shelters jihadists and the liberal civilian politicians. The USA allies want to pullout of Afghanistan. The USA warns allies to be wise about Afghan dropdowns. Robert Gates tells Defense Ministers that frankly there is too much talk about leaving.
Yes, at times so may feel it is just the repetition of what has been written previously.  But please understand that our world is in turmoil and we cannot ignore what is happening in this hot area threatening world peace.  If we show complacency, we certainly are increasing the dangers, and the consequences would be disastrous like another protracted war —  a world war or deep divisions continuing bloodshed around the world affecting everyone’s live.  I appeal to all, to please share this with others, spread the message so that world leaders listen to us and try to find solutions to achieve peace.  Otherwise we are doomed.  We certainly do not want a clash of civilizations because of the fanatics of any religion or sects.

My writings are not on the Facebook to have an audience of millions.  This is what I can do to reach out to the maximum number of people.  We are passing through a very critical period.  On one hand we see uprisings and bloodshed, and on the other hand ballooning deficits in America and in the developed nations  poverty, hunger and inflation.  Greed and corruption have taken over our minds and souls.  And most importantly, the USA and other nations with good intentions have miserably failed in the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Also, the lawmakers have not acted responsibly otherwise, we would not have that whopping deficits    of $14 trillion in the USA that equals to its GDP and billions of dollars in other countries.  

America is torn apart.  The Republican and Democratic Parties are poles apart.  What happened in Wisconsin, the union-busting Governor has stirred up the middle class.  It is no longer an issue of Wisconsin, it is spreading all over.  Where it will end or what harm it would do to the country, we do not know, we are all helpless spectators. The mixture of all this is very alarming. 

I hope the US and the world leadership would rise to the occasion and do the right things.

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