US aid being used by Pak to support terrorist activities


By  Venkat L.
The disclosures of¬† Wikileaks¬†¬† have substantiated the involvement of¬† Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in supporting the terrorist groups. This is what India has been shouting from the top of the hill ever since the trouble in Kashmir has erupted.

India has been the victim      of Pak-aided terrorist groups.  Besides the three wars it  has waged against India, Pakistan has been deeply involved in creating havoc in India with a single aim to weaken it and grab its territory, including Kashmir. While the wars have failed to achieve that, Pakistan has been tactfully aiding and instigating the terrorist groups to create chaotic conditions in India.  Thousands of people have been killed due  to the Pak-aided terrorist attacks in India. The Kashmir chaos is basically the creation of Pakistan. Getting support from Pakistan, the separatists are creating havoc in Kasmir and  thousands of displaced Kashmiri Pandits are languishing in crowded refugee camps.

The unsuccessful attack on Parliament House in New Delhi and a number of terrorist incidents in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad have all been backed by Pakistan.  Even the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai had been engineered by Pakistan.  But when India approached Pakistan with sufficient proof, Islamabad had flatly denied it.

The leaks of Wikileaks  bared all the lies of Pakistan.  This has provided India another  opportunity to nail Pakistan for its lies and falsehood . The disclosures give ample evidence to prove the complicity of the ISI and the Pakistan army in providing financial and strategic support to terrorists operating in India and Afghanistan.

The British Prime Minister,  David Cameron,  was right in warning Pakistan to desist from supporting terrorists or face seclusion from the world community. India should utilize every forum to expose Pakistan.

It is unfortunate that such a warning has not come yet from the US President, Barack Obama.  Instead, the US continues to pump a huge amount of money into Pakistan as aid.  Pakistan is using this aid in supporting the terrorist elements. 

While no one grudges the US giving aid to Pakistan for its development, helping the US in finding Osama bin Laden, and establishing a stable government in Afghanistan, the US must ensure that Pakistan is really serious about awed objectives of Washington.  Otherwise the US aid will go down the drain and help Pakistan create instability in the Sub-continent.

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