Upcoming Gujarati film celebrates the saga of warrior queen Nayika Devi

Mumbai, March 8 (IANS) The poster of the upcoming Gujarati period film ‘Nayika Devi: The Warrior Queen’ starring Khushi Shah in the titular role was unveiled on Tuesday on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
The film tells the story of India’s first warrior queen from the 12th century, whose bravery and brilliance defeated the invader Muhammad Ghori.
The film, directed by Nitin G, who is also the director of other successful movies like the Marathi film ‘Savarkar’ and Telugu film ‘Ashwamedham’, has been produced by Umesh Sharma and presented under the label of A Tree Entertainment. The music is given by Parth Thakkar and the lyrics are penned down by Chirag Tripathi.
Talking about the movie, the director said, “Directing a historical movie isn’t a cakewalk and everything has to be up at par. We have focused on every detail, and I hope that this movie fetches an abundance of love.”
For Khushi Shah, the character came with a sense of inspiration on a personal front, given the grit exhibited by the warrior queen in the face of adversity, “The character of Nayika Devi has inspired me on an intrinsic level, and I’m very fortunate to portray our country’s first ever female warrior. The entire journey has been full of experiences and is truly memorable. I hope that our labour of love garners immense support.”
The idea behind the ambitious project was to make the masses aware of the legend of the warrior queen. Producer, Umesh Sharma shared, “Only the idea of making a film based on Nayika Devi who is India’s first-ever warrior queen enthralled me to the core. I wanted people to know about Nayika Devi that pushed me to make this feature film.”
“Since it is a historical film and the audience these days are particularly attentive, the entire team has given their best to illustrate the story more effectively,” the producer signed off.

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