Unemployment turns into major poll issue in Bihar

Patna, Sep 9 (IANS) Unemployment has emerged as a major issue ahead of the Assembly election in Bihar with leaders of the ruling JDU-BJP combine taking the opposition RJD head on.
Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi also joined the debate over unemployment on Wednesday and tweeted that the NDA government in Bihar has created 6 lakh jobs. He claimed the NDA had issued credit cards to students and also implemented policy of waiver if they are unable to repay.
He further tweeted that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has answered all queries during the virtual rally on September 7 on issues of road infrastructure, power, health, education, agriculture, graveyards, temples, reservation, employment and law and order situation in Bihar, both now and during the earlier RJD tenure.
He alleged that RJD wants to create anarchy through baseless allegations.
Earlier in the day, state Labor Development Minister Vijay Kumar Sinha said that Bihar has created 1 crore jobs overall.
The unemployment issue was first raised by RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav on September 5 when he attacked the Nitish Kumar government for its inability to create jobs in different government departments. He alleged that 4.5 lakh posts in different departments are vacant for years and Nitish Kumar was unable to fill those posts. He also slammed Bihar government for being unable to prevent migration.

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