Unemployment remains top worry for urban Indians: Report

New Delhi, April 4 (IANS) Although the economy moves towards a rebound, unemployment remains the topmost worry among urban Indians, a report said.
An Ipsos survey showed that joblessness remains India’s topmost worry and has further increased by 4 per cent in ‘worry’ levels.
Likewise, Covid-19 which is India’s second biggest worry, after a major reduction last month in its intensity, has climbed up by 4 per cent in March 2021.
The top five worries of urban Indians were unemployment or joblessness, Covid-19, financial and political corruption, while crime and violence and poverty and social inequality are tied at the fourth spot, and education.
The survey showed that global citizens continue to worry most about Covid-19, though it has seen a reduction over February. The other worries of global citizens included unemployment, poverty and social inequality, financial and political corruption, and crime and violence.
“India is in the recovery mode and while the job market is starting to look up, it is not keeping pace with the expectations. The pandemic was ruthless in job losses and job cuts. Further, India is amid the second wave of the pandemic. Some cities have reported fresh wave of infections which is leading to increased concern among urban Indians, even though the vaccination drive is catching speed,” said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India.
“For stability to set in, in terms of more jobs and tiding over the pandemic, while it will take time, at the same time, the solace of the vaccine is making Indians worry less of the nagging virus,” he added.

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