Ukraine President likens Russian attack to Nazi invasion

New Delhi, Feb 24 (IANS) Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky announced in a televised statement on Thursday that his nation has cut all diplomatic relations with Russia.
Terming the Russian attack against Ukraine as similar to a Nazi invasion, Zelensky asked Russian citizens to protest against its government decision to launch military attack, RT reported.
The early morning attack against Ukrainian forces by Russian was “villainous” and similar to how the Nazi Germany attacked Soviet Union during World War II, Zelensky said.
Russia is walking “the path of evil,” he added.
Zelensky also appealed to the Russian people to oppose what is happening in Ukraine with mass protests, as he briefly switched to Russian language at this point of his speech.
He asked the people of Ukraine to support the national armed forces, including by taking up arms and preparing for a fight. He promised to lift personal sanctions, which he had imposed previously, from anyone willing to defend Ukraine, RT reported.
The Ukrainian leader called on the country’s media to support national unity by conducting “information mobilisation”.
Zelensky asked the media “to report how strongly our military is fighting”. He said there is a shortage of such information and that the troops need support from the public.
The President claimed that “the enemy has suffered serious losses” and the damage will grow further.
Zelensky said his government is “already distributing weapons” to every one willing to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty, as he called on all able-bodied persons to report for duty at the mobilisation centres.
He stressed that under the circumstances, “there are no opponents among us” and offered to lift personal sanctions, which his government had imposed on some political opponents, provided they are prepared “to defend our nation with arms”, RT reported.

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