UK PM Liz Truss has told staff she expects them to wear ties and smarten up

London, Sep 8 (IANS) Newly elected UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has warned scruffy dressers will need to smarten up, as she looks to distance her image from her predecessor, Daily Mail reported.
Ties will be required as part of a new dress code Truss will introduce, in an effort to establish a sharper image the public won’t associate with the ‘partygate’ era.
The Prime Minister has made it clear with officials that the unbuttoned collars and laid-back atmosphere in Downing Street both left with Boris Johnson, Daily Mail reported.
During Johnson’s time at No 10, he was often viewed as a scruffy dresser and his controversial chief of staff Dominic Cummings was notorious for wearing shabby outfits.
A former government source told The Times that Cummings always looked like ‘he’d rolled off a bench’.
One source told the newspaper that Truss made her intentions clear immediately, before being officially appointed: ‘This is all born from Liz Coming back from winning and telling Admirality House staff that ties were back.’
It is hoped that combined with the cabinet reshuffle, the smarter image will help the public move on from the partygate-era that looms over the Tories.
No 10’s reputation was severely tarnished after it was uncovered MPs and staff had held numerous parties within the building during periods of Covid lockdowns and restrictions, Daily Mail reported.
Cummings was Johnson’s right-hand man for a long period of time but was almost never pictured wearing a tie.
The former Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister would wear a variety of large woolen scarfs, gillets, untucked shirts and baggy trousers.
He was even reported wearing baseball caps and T-shirts while walking the halls of Downing Street, Daily Mail reported.

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