UAE offers one-year residency visa to Ukrainians on humanitarian ground

Abu Dhabi, April 17 (IANS)
Citizens of Ukraine can apply for a permit to stay in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a period of one-year under a special procedure, the Ukrainian Embassy here has announced.
The embassy, citing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the UAE, said that the Ukrainian citizens can apply for one-year residency visa under special provision for countries affected by wars and disasters.
Due to the unprecedented situation in Ukraine, the UAE government has decided to step in and “play its part”. The application can be made via the Tas’heel centres located across Dubai.
Without being subjected to any fines, stranded tourists who arrived earlier in the UAE can also easily apply for a visa as per a resolution passed in 2018. It stated that crisis-stricken countries and war zones are subject to an extendable one-year permit in the UAE, to improve their living conditions until they’re ready to return home.
“We truly thank the UAE government and leadership for their solidarity and support for Ukrainian nationals trying to improve their living conditions before returning home,” the embassy said.
To apply for the one-year residency permit, a couple of documents will be required to proceed. A fee of 150 dirham ($41) shall be applied, exclusive medical examination and the insurance fees, the embassy has said.
Additionally, a valid passport copy valid for at least six months will be required, a colour photo, a medical fitness report, a copy of the UAE resident’s health insurance policy and an Emirates ID application form which shall need to be filled when visiting the Tas’heel centre.
Meanwhile, the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) has also sent 30 metric tons of emergency health aid and medical supplies in March, as part of its emergency relief efforts to assist the civilians in Ukraine.
Salem A. Al-Kaabi, the UAE’s Ambassador to Ukraine, said: “Sending an aircraft with medical supplies and relief aid is part of the UAE’s steadfast commitment to essential humanitarian needs in conflicts involving civilians.”
“To uphold its values and support those visiting the UAE, The Adecco Group now allows employees in the country to list jobs that are open only for Ukrainians.”

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