Two-day fest aims to reinvent Indian classical dance styles

Mumbai, Nov 26 (IANS) Bhramara Festival of Dance, a two-day gala to be held here in January 2019, aims to take traditional Indian classical dance forms to the youth in a way that they are relevant to the young and modern audiences.
In its inaugural year, the fest is being organized with the intent of rediscovering and reimagining Indian classical art forms, especially for the untrained eye.
The festival will have performances by young and dynamic artists from across India and abroad, as well as an added attraction in the form of an outdoor organic pop-up cafe along with folk and martial art performances. The theme of the inaugural edition is ‘Enchanting Epics’.
No performance will be longer than 30 minutes.
Among the top draws at the festival would be โ€˜Leela’ by Arushi Mudgal and troupe. In ‘Leela’, she tells the stories from Krishna’s childhood as well as the Ramayana in folk music style combined with Odissi.
Another compelling performance will be Sanjeevani by eight-time national award winning Bharatnatyam artist Parshwanath Upadhaye. He tells the story of Hanuman’s childhood.
The festival will also witness the India premiere of Kathak dance drama “Son of the Wind” by the Leela Dance Collective that comprises of renowned dancers from California and India.
AGF, JSW, Jindal SAW and Showhouse will present the first edition over January 19-20 at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai. This festival is initiated by Tripti Arya, who comes from Delhi and was trained by Raja and Radha Reddy. Now a resident of Mumbai and Managing Trustee of the Arya Group Foundation, she is currently being trained by Guru Ramchandra Murthy in Kuchipudi.

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