Twitter’s funny one-liners over python-on-tree picture

Brisbane, Dec 18 (IANS) A picture of a 10-foot-long python perched on the branches of a Christmas tree standing in the balcony of an Australian couple’s home here evoked some funny one-liners from Twitter users.
A user posted the picture and wrote: “A 10-foot python is found wrapped around a Christmas tree in a home in Brisbane on Thursday. Leanne Chapman & her partner returned home from work and found that some birds are going crazy on the balcony. Later, they noticed that a big python is adorning their Christmas tree.”
Another post from a media house had these lines: “O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree… How lovely are thy branches… O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree… Oh wait, that isn’t a branch.” It got 123 retweets and 444 likes.
In reply, one user remarked: “If it offers you an apple, don’t take it.”
“Nobody wondered why the tree was 150 pounds when they brought it in the house?” said another.
One user had this solution to offer: “Only reasonable solution is to burn down the house.”
Some Twitter users were clearly not convinced or amused.
One wrote: “Calling BS. Pet snake placed.”
Another user wrote: “Seriously think this was staged.”
One user had a biblical take on the incident: “The serpent has played a major role in turning human history in the Bible.”

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