Trump threat to NOKO

By T.S. Khanna
Bravo, President Trump for your thunderous and roaring response to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and his cronies.
For the first time, we have felt that the USA is a country of loins, not of jackals and pusillanimous pet cats. If it comes to arms conflict, so be it. We rather die protecting America’s honor than live in disgrace and fear, like jackals. Real safety is in valor, not in closets. The cowards die many times before their death. At every sound of a roar, they rush to hide and cuddle. Such citizens are a liability to America. They are only attuned to the comforts and security at others’ cost. They are not the voice of America.
President Trump, please continue to ignore the criticism of the cowards and listen to the support of the brave and strong Americans who are with you. Your roaring response to NOKO is music to true Americans, willing to protect the honor of America. Now is the right opportunity to silence the NOKO for good.
In consideration of NOKO’s repeated challenges, a preemptive strike may be in order.

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