Trump moves Michigan court to stop vote count

Michigan, Nov 5 (IANS) US President Donald Trump has filed a complaint petition in the Court of Claims in Michigan State in the United State seeking a mandate from the court to Secretary Jocelyn Benson to order all counting and processing of absentee votes cease immediately.
The complaint filed by President Trump reviewed by IANS seeks immediate declaratory and injunctive relief.
The prayer of relief moved by Michigan citizens has asked the Court to order a “speedy hearing” of this action and “advance it on the calendar”.
“Mandate that Secretary Benson order all counting and processing of absentee votes cease immediately until an election inspector for each party is present at each absent voter counting board and until video is made available to challengers of each ballot box,” the prayer said.
“Mandate that Secretary Benson order the immediate segregation of all ballots that are not being inspected and monitored as is required under law”, it said.
The counts for the complaint are that Michigan absent voter counting boards, under the authority of Secretary Benson, are not complying with the statute. These boards are being conducted without inspectors from each party being present, the complaint said.
The complaint says that Secretary Benson and Oakland County violated Michigan voters’ rights under the Michigan Constitution “purity of elections clause”.
Michigan statutes protect the purity of elections by allowing ballot challengers and election inspectors to monitor absentee ballots at counting boards.
The complaint also says that Secretary Benson violated the Equal Protection Clause of Michigan’s Constitution.
“Plaintiff seeks declaratory and injunctive relief requiring Secretary Benson to direct the election authorities comply with Michigan law mandating election inspectors from each party and allowing challengers access to video of ballot boxes before counting of relevant votes takes place”, it said.
Donald J Trump and Eric Ostergren, a registered voter of Roscommon County, Michigan are the plaintiffs.

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