Trump hints at key announcement at ‘Howdy Modi’ rally

New York, Sep 19 (IANS)
US President Donald Trump has held out the possibility of making a significant announcement when he addresses the “Howdy Modi” rally with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday in Houston.
When a reporter travelling with him on Air Force One asked him on Wednesday night if he had any announcement to make with Modi in Houston, Trump replied, “Could be.”
Trump said that Modi had asked him to come to the rally and he agreed.
According to a transcript of his encounter with reporters while flying back from California to Washington, he said Modi has “got a big crowd coming and I guess the crowd just got a lot bigger because they just announced – he asked, would I go, and I will go.”
Trump said, “I have a very good relationship with Prime Minister Modi.”
But he added that he has, “by the way, great relationship with Pakistan and with India.”
While Trump did not hint at what the announcement could be and was tentative about it, India and the US are reported to be racing towards a trade deal.
About 50,000 people have registered for the “Howdy Modi” rally, according to organizers.

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