Treat BJP manifesto as Gita: Shah to Ministers

Lucknow: Bharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah on May 2 called upon the MLAs and ministers in Yogi government to treat BJP’s Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra as sacrosanct as Gita. “If all the points mentioned in the Lok Kalyan Sankalpa patra are paid heed to, UP would begin treading the path of development,” Shah said.
Speaking in the concluding session of the two-day BJP workers meet in Lucknow, Shah also exhorted the party workers not to take rest but ensure that the party gets stability in the state. “You all must shun complacency and rise above ‘false pride’ for successful governance and success in future elections,” he said.
Talking about the three-year-old Modi government in the Centre, Shah said that when BJP government came to power under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the party didn’t have much written on the manifesto. However, when Modi gave his first speech, he said that the Union Government was of the poors. Gradually, the government launched 105 programs for the welfare of the poor, but many are still not implemented in UP, Shah said.
“If the Yogi government ensures implementation of 105 schemes, UP’s progress would become visible,” Shah added.
Calling upon the BJP MLAs, ministers in the Yogi government to treat BJP’s Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra as Gita, Shah said that it was prepared after knowing the expectation of the common man.
Around 39 lakh people gave feedback on what they want in the state, Shah said. If all the points mentioned in the Lok Kalyan Sankalp patra are followed, UP would for sure come out of BIMARU state category as had been the case with earlier BJP ruled Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
Exhorting the party workers not to take rest, Shah said that even after BJP secured 325 seats in UP assembly, the BJP worker doesn’t have the right to take rest.
“Because we never worked to form government in a state. If after government formation there is a feeling that party workers should take rest, then one thing is clear that the said party worker is still not mature enough to be a BJP worker,” Shah said.
“We are not into politics not to form government. Our aim is to make BJP’s presence everywhere. We are made to work not to enjoy the power in government,” Shah said in veiled hint to the party workers not to vie for benefits from the government.
“It is the responsibility of the party workers to bring stability. People who have still not joined the BJP should be brought to the party fold. Those booths which have not been won, should be won,” Shah stressed.
He also urged the party workers: “Vijay ke saath vinamra bhi banana padega aur jawabdehi bhi sweekar karni hogi. Hum SP and BSP ke worker nahin hain, BJP worker ko party ki sanskriti ke anuroop hi kaya karna padega (With win, one should become humble and accept accountability. We are not SP or BSP workers. BJP workers would have to work as per party’s culture).”
The BJP has not formed government to make MLA, ministers or to make Yogi as chief minister. The BJP has formed the government to change the condition of the people of the state, Shah said. “The mandate is not to change our own fortune but the fortune of the people,” Shah said.

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