Treat all official languages on par with Hindi: Kumaraswamy

Bengaluru, Sep 17 (IANS) Continuing his battle against the Union government giving preference to Hindi, former Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Thursday claimed that it has indicated its rejection of the demand to also give primacy to other official languages like Kannada by amending the Constitution.
Citing a parliamentary question by Tamil Nadu leader Vaiko, Kumarswamy, in a tweet, said that the Union government categorically said “No” to a question on whether it proposes to amend the Constitution to give primacy to Kannada and other regional languages at par with Hindi.
“Kannada is also an official and recognised language like Hindi. Kannada is also a national language. Hence, the Union government should include Kannada and other regional languages in administration,” he added.
According to him, Articles 343, 344 and 345 of the Constitution encourages promotion of Hindi.
“Let BJP leaders, who often speak about changing the Constitution, make an effort to amend the law to give equal primacy to regional languages at par with Hindi,” he said.
He further alleged that the Union government which is refusing to give equal primacy to regional languages must remember that they have formed the government with the support of the non-Hindi speaking MPs. “It is duty bound to include all official languages in the administration,” he said.
He said that recently, the Supreme Court had directed the Union government that all government orders and publications should be in all recognised and official languages. Besides, the Union government must keep in mind that all languages are equal in a federal system in India, he added.

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