Traditional fashion technique to opt for Holi

The festival of color is around the corner so here are some of the traditional fashion tips from the industry experts. Go for colorful, blurry ikat patterns to design a chic daytime dress for Holi, says an expert.
Go for prints and techniques like bandhani and batik while picking outfits for your Holi celebrations, say experts.
Sandeep Sharma, Director, Fabriclore, has listed down some tips on fashion options you can pick for Holi.
* Indigo: The deep blue color of the indigo dye suits the mood of the festival. Hand block floral and abstract indigo motifs done on soft and durable cotton can be designed into an ideal brunch dress for Holi.
* Ajrak: You can use the colors of ajrak, extracted from madder roots, berries, roses, leaves, turmeric, saffron and oak bark, to design a boho-chic outfits.
* Kalamkari: Kalamkari motifs like vines, figurines and faces of Buddha dipped in natural colors can be used to make an elegant outfit for your evening celebrations.
* Ikat: Go for colorful, blurry ikat patterns to design a chic daytime dress for Holi.
* Tie-dye: A play of dyes and threads on soft fabrics like cotton and rayon can help you make a statement. You can go for colors like yellow, blue, pink and red.
* Bandhani: Bandhani dupattas can be teamed with a plethora of bright basic ethnic ensembles for a lunch on Holi.
* Batik: A versatile technique of wax printing, the colors are usually very vibrant with flowy designs making them a perfect match for Holi.
Surya Suri, Founder, Steele, has also listed some tips:
* Cotton: This is a fabric that you will never be able to discard for the festival of Holi. It is not only comfortable but also looks good on everyone. Go for vibrant colors and attractive prints.
* Linen: Full sleeves linen kurta with comfortable pants is one of the good choices to be worn on Holi. Pairing it with bandhej dupatta around the neck will give it a stylish twist.

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