Top romantic activities to do in the Seychelles

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New Delhi, Dec 21 (IANSlife)
Seychelles is not just recognised for its turquoise crystal waters, world-renowned beaches, or peaceful way of life, but it is also one of the world’s best romantic vacation destinations. Here is a list of best romantic activities to do as a couple in the Seychelles, ranging from indulging in decadent local food to unwinding in a well-deserved spa vacation!

Underwater Experience

It can be a sensory experience to go on an underwater journey in the deep blue sea. The island is home to a diverse range of marine species, and diving to the deepest depths of the Seychelles’ waters can reveal a breathtaking ecology. Another alternative for viewing the unmatched variety of fish and corals in a calm setting is glass bottom boats and semi submarines.

Local Cuisine

Seychelles has a diverse culinary heritage, with influences from India, China, and Africa. Because Seychelles is a melting pot, the country’s cuisine is brimming with tantalising flavours, brilliant colours, and aromatic fragrances. The island’s shores are lined with trendy eateries that combine gourmet creole cuisine with a beautiful outlook. Couples could try the pleasures of Creole cuisine, such as mouthwatering banana la daube to satisfy your sweet craving and smokey grilled fish to properly enjoy the local delicacies.

Beach Picnic

What could be more romantic than an intimate picnic with your loved one on an award-winning beach? All that’s needed are the essentials: towels, food, and a trip to the beach! Every inch of the island’s shoreline has a breathtaking view, so there are never any shortages of picnic locations. Rent a luxury picnic that is exclusively for you and your significant other to up the ante. Luxury picnics are ideal for honeymooners since they relieve you of any duties and allow you to fully immerse yourself in an exclusive experience.

Spa and Retreat Day

With a much-needed day at the spa, you can add a pinch of relaxation to your stay! A holistic vacation is exactly what the doctor ordered, and many packages include a premium spa session for couples to relax. Most hotels have couples massages that cater to everyone’s needs, from rejuvenating facials to full-body massages laced with local herbs and fruits. Seychelles’ flora and fauna are intricately intertwined with the island’s vibrations, amplifying their restorative properties.

Adventure Time

Adrenaline junkies, come together! Why not zip-line through the lush green forest canopy? There’s always more to discover on the island, so why not? The island is known for its tranquilly, yet couples that enjoy adventure will find Seychelles to be a paradise. Adventure seekers can kitesurf while overlooking a gorgeous backdrop during the windy season, and courageous newlyweds can even go horseback riding for a fairy tale atmosphere.

Sunset on the beach

Watching the sunset together will bring a bow to the end of your day. The north is the best place to see the sky change from beautiful blue to blazing amber. Nothing beats a leisurely stroll on the beach for a romantic evening.

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