Top Bollywood sex symbols of all time

India Tribune is serializing profiles of top Bollywood sex symbols of all  time. Bollywood sex symbols have been creating storms across India and  worldwide. The list consists of female icons of Bollywood, who have impacted the history and changed the face of Bollywood.

Vyjayantimala: Chennai born Vyjayantimala (August 13, 1936) was the first South Indian actress to dominate Bollywood’s film industry and she did it for a span of 20 years. Because of her, aspiring Bollywood actresses are required to become accomplished dancers. Trained in Classical Indian dance, she brought a sense of class to Bollywood’s song and dance numbers. Her 1954 mega hit Nagin had eight jaw dropping solo dance sequences, which she performed in one take. Aside from being a legendary dancer, she’s won numerous Filmfare Awards throughout her lengthy career.

Why she’s sexy: Vyjayantimala is sexy because she ignites the screen with classically trained dance moves and her facial expressions. Her training in Manipuri dance shows even in spoken scenes because it is known as India’s most expressive dance style. As a viewer, you feel every emotion she emanates.

Her impact on Bollywood: She’s a role model for many South Indian actresses like Hema Malini and Aishwarya Rai, who went on to dominate Bollywood’s film industry.

Interesting fact: In Bimal Roy’s Devdas, Vyjayantimala won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress as Chandramukhi, which Madhuri Dixit played in 2002. She refused the award and demanded the Filmfare committee only consider her in the Best Actress category and not as a Supporting Actress. Ever since, she was always nominated for the Best Actress Award and nothing less.

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