To end BJP’s hooliganism, Congress appoints 17 new state office bearers

New Delhi: The Congress party on May 4 announced the names of 17 new state office bearers, including the appointment of former state minister Sunil Jakhar as the new Chief of the party’s Punjab unit.
Jakhar will take over from Captain Amarinder Singh, who is now Punjab’s Chief Minister.
Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala told media in New Delhi that the party proposes to make a wave of changes across various states following local body election results.
“17 new office bearers have been appointed by the party out which 10 are under the age of 50. We are trying to bring in a new young team to assist the new heads in order to sustain and support the party’s campaign,” said Surjewala.
Lashing out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Surjewala alleged that the former is using cow protection as an excuse to ‘resort to gundayee’ (hooliganism).
“Although the BJP thinks India got its independence on 26 May 2014, I would like to point out that India gained independence in 1947 and the cow protection laws were made in 1964. Section 15 of the law states that those officials assigned to protect the provisions of the law will be given protection. It does not account for every individual,” he asserted.
Surjewala further claimed that the BJP has taken measures to control each individual’s body and thought process.
“The BJP government is telling people where to go when, to the extent of even denying one’s rights over his/her own body. It is time for the Supreme Court to take note of this, and the people of India to rise in unison against this autocratic governance,” said Surjewala.
Continuing his rant, Surjewala questioned the authenticity of the Aadhar card system saying the BJP is blatantly defying the people’s right to privacy.
“Personal information of over 12 crore Aadhar card holders has been leaked and is now available to anyone and everyone to be used or misused,” he added.
Commenting on the tampering of the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) during assembly elections in Punjab and other states, Surjewala asserted that it is the responsibility of the Election Commission (EC) to substantiate these allegations.
“The EC’s responsibility is to uphold the majesty of the democracy. It must not favour any one party or indulge in a blame game. If there are doubts rising regarding the credibility of EVMs, the EC must look into the matter and clarify,” said Surjewala.

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