TMC, NCP, YSRCP coming together to stop Modi: Luizinho Faleiro

Panaji, Dec 2 (IANS) Only a united Congress family can stop Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political juggernaut, national Vice President of the Trinamool Congress, Luizinho Faleiro, said on Thursday, adding that three out of the four parties in the Congress family, namely Trinamool, Nationalist Congress Party and YSR Congress Party, are already in talks with each other.
“Out of the four Congresses, three Congresses are showing signs of coming together and that is a good thing,” Faleiro told a press conference in Panaji.
“As far as I am concerned, we know that TMC and YSRCP are already in talks and we are together at least for the 2024 elections. What is important is, if you want to ace the BJP and the Modi juggernaut, the Congress family has to come together,” he also said.
Faleiro, a former Goa Chief Minister, had resigned from the Congress to join the TMC a couple of months back.
“I do not know what will happen. Definitely, we (TMC) are in talks with everybody because we have one agenda, which is to defeat the BJP. Our agenda is not like the Congress, to provide stepney tyres to the BJP and allow it to rule when its tyres are punctured,” Faleiro said.
When asked about the likelihood of the Congress and its three breakaway units coming together, Faleiro said: “There is no magic wand. You have to work together to bring the Congress family together. And today with the new developments, out of the four Congresses, three Congresses are coming together. That’s great news, at least for me.”

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