This girl embroidered India’s map in over 19 minutes

Varanasi, Aug 14 (IANS) She practiced for six months and then set a record by embroidering the map of India within 19 minutes and 46 seconds.
Kiran Singh lives in a village in the Babatpur area, about 30 kilometres from the city.
“I wanted to do something that would help me make a name for myself. I practiced for several hours a day for six months. Whenever there was a power cut, I would continue my practice with a lantern,” she told reporters.
She says that she was inspired by her friend Poonam Rai, who is a painter.
Kiran, last week, embroidered the map of India within 19 minutes and 46 seconds, which she says could be a record of sorts.
She is also a Taekwondo trainer and the entire village is now celebrating her success.

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