This buffalo makes 50 lakh from its semen alone

Chitrakoot, UP: Animals are valuable to most people in most parts of India and abroad and they can go for a lot of money too. A buffalo in Uttar Pradesh became the star attraction at the ongoing Gramodaya Mela when he was sold for a huge amount that not many would believe.

According to a media report, the buffalo called Yuvraj from the Chitrakoot district has quite a reputation among the locals and that has fetched him a price. The nine-year-old buffalo was sold for a whopping Rs 9.25 crore while being 1,500 kilos, 11.5 feet long and 5.8 feet tall. The buffalo previously owned by Karamveer Singh said he was like a ‘family member’ and spends almost Rs 3,000 – Rs 4,000 per day on his diet.

Interestingly, Yuvraj also gives semen that is more valuable than most things you would imagine. A single ejaculation from the buffalo generates between 10-14 ml of semen, which is then diluted scientifically to make 700 to 900 doses to be used.

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