They are giving attitude, take it!

By Sunil Karir

They maybe simply unmatchable at courting controversies but they also possess some desirable character traits. After all, they are successful for a reason. Read on to take attitude lessons from our select list of controversial celebs.

Salman Khan

From being accused of killing an endangered deer to running his car accidentally over people sleeping on the roads to being involved in a violent relationship with a certain Miss World, this man has seen it all but Salman Khan’s popularity only continues to rise. Perhaps it has got to do with the fact that life’s hard lessons have not made Salman bitter. With a smile on his face and a witty repartee on the tip of his tongue, Salman continues to make his fans love him and teaches us the importance of laughing at life’s hard knocks. One can definitely learn the art of believing in oneself from this man.

Britney Spears

Britney was so over a couple of years ago. She began as a teenage sensation but a disastrous marriage and motherhood took its toll and Britney began to fall apart with her misadventures. A couple of years ago, the media declared that ‘Britney’ was history. But far from letting it get her down, the girl worked hard upon herself and has come back with a bang. Her latest music is a hit and Britney is back in business. Just goes to prove that even if you think your life is over, you still have a chance.


Rekha is one of the most beautiful actresses of our times and one of the most controversial ones too with her secret marriages and affairs. But she has maintained a stoic silence on her life so much so that she is an enigma and mystery to most people around her and therein lies her dignity. One can surely learn from her how to maintain your grace under the fiercest of fires.


A woman in a fiercely competitive man’s world, Madonna had to resort to controversies and shockers to make a place in the world. But does she care? No way! A mellowed but yet smokin’ hot Madonna continues her business and humanitarian ventures with success, without a care for what the world has to say about her unlike most of us who fail to even make a beginning, scared of the remarks we may gather from others. Pick from her the lesson of living life on your own terms and following your life agenda irrespective of what others think and you will be at peace with yourself.

Rakhi Sawant

When Rakhi Sawant comes on screen, the world laughs at her histrionics and she invariably manages to brew some controversy. But what we admire is that Rakhi laughs at herself too. With references to her various ‘silicon jobs’ to her infamous kiss with Mika to her farcical engagement, Rakhi doesn’t bat an eyelid when it comes to making fun of herself and that’s where she endears herself to most of her fans. Takes a lot of gumption especially for a woman to do it, don’t you agree?

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is one of the most Googled celebrities in the world today. She keeps churning out fodder for the tabloids at regular intervals who love thrashing her. Any rich heiress in her place could have easily gone down with all this bashing. But Paris has taken it all in her stride and converted this into an opportunity for herself. In spite of being tagged as a ‘bimbo,’ Paris knows that she is an instant ticket to fame for others and has made a name for herself as a ‘party queen’, charging a queen’s ransom to attend parties and social dos. Learn from her how to take life’s lemons and turn them into lemonade in the most successful manner. n

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