‘The Successful Loosers’, a film for Young India releases on MX Player

New Delhi, July 14 (ANI/ThePRTree): A film that talks about the youthful MBA tribe coming from middle-class families, ‘The Successful Loosers’ is released on MX Player. The film resonating with the young minds of the country talks about how the tribe is prepared to fail on the road to success but not give up without trying.
Produced by Rajesh Singh and directed by Abhishek R Sharma, ‘The Successful Loosers’ is an Indie film set in 2008 that talks about young men and women, aspiring for flying careers with MBA degrees, who are hit hard by the market recession. ‘The Successful Loosers’, is a journey of overcoming odds, and dwells on optimism. It also has five ear-worthy songs, released by Sony Music India. The cast includes Rituraj Singh, Nishat Mallick, Ankit Bhardwaj, Himanshu Kaushal, Rohan Verma, Vaishnavi Vijayanand, Basant Jat, Kshitij Gera, Nidhi Sharma and Suman Jain.
Talking about the film, producer Rajesh Singh shares, “My thoughts are simple. I like stories which are on reel but are close to real. The Successful Loosers is an enriching experience for all of us, especially in the current times. I do hope to bring more stories of hope, optimism and fighting one’s way up to the audience and engage them to think positive.”
Director Abhishek R Sharma adds, “I like keeping the characters real, and tailoring the screenplay with their characteristics. The Successful Loosers has something everyone will empathise with and relate to, particularly in the times that we are in.”
With such an exemplary thought process behind the film it surely is going to create ripples among the audience giving them a good food for thought contemplating their own decisions on the road to success.
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