The shop that sells black jalebi in Delhi and it’s worth a try!

New Delhi: When the fashion world made orange the new black, it seems the foodies stretched it further and made black as the new orange. After black ice cream and burger, it’s time to relish some Black Jalebis and we think that’s the latest trend in the food market of the capital city. Let’s know more and what’s so special about it.
Tucked in the bylanes of old Delhi near Jama Masjid, Sultanji Sweets and Snacks is the new addition to the unique food dictionary of the capital. This sweet shop is trending these days for its appetizing Black jalebis (Mawa Jalebi). A year and a half old shop is actually the part of the same chain that is popular in Madhya Pradesh and is known for its black jalebis. The sweet shop also sells Gulab Jamun and Chaat.
The black jalebis are gluten free and used no maida (all purpose flour) at all. They are made with a mixture of khoya (milk solids) and ararot (potato starch). Wondering why the jalebis turn black? Well, it happens due to the absence of flour. So, when the jalebis are deep fried, the khoya caramelizes and turns black in color.
For a change, forget parathas and chicken curry, a trip to old Delhi for these kickass jalebis is definitely worth a try.

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