The Scarf Effect

The multipurpose scarf (Pic: ENS) They are versatile and practical and can turn a simple outfit into a stylish one. They can be used in many ways such as a bandana or worn around the neck. Men can even used them highly formal wear in place of neckties. Over time, scarves have become a popular clothing accessory for both men and women as they add glamour to any outfit.

With scarves coming into their own, they can be found in the market in various prints, colours, fabrics and shapes. โ€œCotton and linen are great for guys, while women can opt for any fabric they like. A classic silk scarf is ideal for anything from jeans to evening wear to make the wearer stylish and stunning,โ€ says fashion designer Ramesh Dembla.

For prints, Dembla advised the use of block and checked prints for men and floral, geometric, graphic, or any other print for women. Solid bold colours and fun prints will be great for a weekend out, he said, adding that rectangular and square are the most popular shapes of scarves.

โ€œA scarf can add zing to any outfit. The checks-design scarves are in fashion at the moment. A long slender scarf can be worn on the neck or even can be worn as a belt on jeans. A colourful scarf can be worn on any plain tee shirt to make it very vibrant. A big square scarf can even be worn as a halter top if draped well,โ€ said fashion designer Reshma Kunhi.

โ€œA velvet or a sequined one can be worn on a short black dress for night party. Just wrap it around the shoulder, as a shoulder shrug, or keep it in your bag and you will never have to worry about feeling cold,โ€ said Kunhi.

Scarves can be teamed up with any dress. Office-goers can wear it with their suit or shirt to add that extra oomph to it. โ€œI often wear scarves with a shirt to office, for it makes a great style statement and also is very affordable,โ€ said Dhanalakshmi, an engineer.

โ€œAnyone who is confident can carry off a scarf well,โ€ said fashion designer Krishna Mehta.

So, this season, invest in some great scarves and be ready to grab attention wherever you go.

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