The Lolaloo Baby Rocker will “rock” you baby’s world… literally!

This day and age got us into thinking how could one possibly work and at the same time, be a parent to their kids. I have seen countless movies where a mother rocks her child to sleep all the while doing some cooking, or the dishes, the laundry and shouting for her other kids to turn the TV volume down. But thanks to a new German product, it at least unburdens you with rocking your child back and forth in her / his cradle.

The Lolaloo Baby Rocker is an electronic gadget that rocks your child’s stroller back and forth, in the interest of giving you more free time for yourself while your child slumbers. It has not been manufactured yet anywhere but in Germany so, the thing is not available for every time-needing mother out there. But with the great interest it is suddenly attracting, it will be no surprise if one day it became a thing of necessity.

Lolaloo can run from 2 up to 4 hours and you can, of course, adjust the intensity of the rocking based in your child’s need. The Lolaloo is attached to the strollers through a couple of Velcro straps.

It retails in Germany for $174, a bit pricey if you asked me. So unless you got the mon, well I guess, manual rocking will do you some good too.

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